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Dongguan Rayking Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer for acoustic components and a provider for electro-acoustic assembly technology solutions , we are state-level high-tech enterprises, 5 patents on application .
Founded in March 2011, the company has been working on R & D and manufacturing of electro acoustic components all the time . We are focusing on miniature microphone ,MEMs microphone and its array module ,headphone PCBA module,Type-C connector SMT , bluetooth PCBA and electro module for automobile etc . Products are widely used in mobile communication devices, notebook computers, military communications, personal digital devices, automotive electronics and other consumer electronics products. Rayking gets the recognition of many domestic and foreign famous brands , market share reach top 3 in same field in China .
Factory located at Liaobu Town, covered an area of 10,000 square meters, with more than 20 years experienced acoustic engineer R&D team. 80% production automation line, world-class testing equipment, quality assurance, saving cost for customer. Turnover reached USD 20 million.
In order to further improve the company's quality and environmental management,Our factory was certified by ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949 ,the automobile supplier quality management .
The company always adhere to the quality policy "inside control, everyone involved, continuous innovation, customer satisfaction". We cherish each opportunity for customer service, to meet the needs of customers the first time, and strive to provide customers with good quality products and services.

东莞市瑞勤电子有限公司是专业的电声元器件制造商、电声组件技术解决方案服务商,是国家级高新技术企业, 在申请的专利有5个。

公司始创于2011年3月,自成立以来一直致力于电声元器件的研发和制造。主要产品包括咪头(微型麦克风)、硅咪及其阵列模组、耳机PCBA,Type-C 接头SMT,蓝牙PCA和车载电子模组块;广泛应用于移动通讯设备及其周边产品、笔记本电脑、军工通讯、个人数码产品、汽车电子等消费类电子产品领域得到了国内外知名品牌的认可,年产值居国内同行业前三水平。

公司经过这几年的不断壮大发展 ,现有东莞寮步占地10000多平方米的厂区,内设的车间均为千级无尘标准。我们高度重视产品R&D,二十多年麦克风资深研发工程师带领的技术团队。80%生产自动化,世界级品质一流的测试设备,保证品质,为客户节约成本,年产总值2亿,市场占有率达20%。

为进一步提高公司的质量管理水平和环境保护意识,公司通过ISO9001质量管理体系及国际环境管理体系 ISO14001认证,TS16949汽车供方质量管理体系认证在行业内树立了具有影响力的品牌。

公司自创立以来, 一直坚持以环环控制人人参与、不断创新、顾客满意”的质量方针,珍惜每一次为客户服务的机会,第一时间满足客户的需求, 竭力为客户提供优质产品和服务。

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